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Spring Summer Recreation Guide 2019

Employment Opportunities

The following seasonal employment opportunities exist with the Oliver Parks & Recreation Society:

• Student Labourer – Horticulture/Parks
• Lifeguard/Instructor
• Assistant Head Lifeguard
• Head Lifeguard
• Day Camp Leader
To view the full job postings including employment terms and application deadlines please visit the Employment Opportunities Page

Employment Opportunities page.

Kendall-Leigh Beal

Kendall-Leigh Beal was born and raised in Prince Rupert BC. She has studied the martial art of Taekwondo since 1995 under the instruction of Master Paul Bozman of Prince Rupert Champion Taekwondo. She has studied and teaches under the guidelines of the World Taekwondo Federation, the globally recognized form for Taekwondo in the Olympic Games.

She  was put in Taekwondo when she was just 6 years old. Her parents thought that as a shy, uncoordinated child  it would help with her self-confidence and self esteem, with the added bonus of their young daughter learning self-defense early on.  She developed lifelong friendships  with her classmates, developed a healthy level of self-esteem and learned the value of good sportsmanship through attending tournaments, and  various summer martial arts  boot camps.  Her classmates and instructors became like a second family to her, and wouldn’t trade her experiences for the world.  She has taken the values placed on the life skills she has learned and loves that she gets to share them with her own students.

Beal received her black belt in May 2002, and is now recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation as a third degree black belt as of July 2013.  She has taught for many years and became a head instructor in 2005. Her students run from all ages, fitness levels and belt ranks.

Beal was thrilled when she had the opportunity to bring her beloved martial art to the South Okanagan area in 2012.  She welcomed the chance to introduce the children and adults of this community to Outlast Taekwondo.  It is very important to her that men and women in this area have the opportunity to learn practical, effective self-defense techniques while enjoying all the benefits of physical fitness that Taekwondo offers.  Her goal is to teach both the practical skills of self-defense, and the critical life skills of self-control and the respect for self and others.  Most importantly, she hopes to inspire confidence in the hearts of her students, and  provide  encouragement to reach their goals,  while giving them the skills to achieve excellence in every area of their lives.

Sanaz Busink – Yoga

Sanaz Busink was born and raised in India and was introduced to yoga and spirituality at a very young age.  Her unique teaching style consists of guided meditation, various breathing exercises, and gentle yoga movements as she shares Eastern philosophy, Indian mythology, poetry and stories from around the world.  Her gentle and kind voice is soothing to the ear and her compassionate and loving energy allows the student to feel at peace and safe during practice. Sanaz interweaves the insights and practices of spirituality to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

Upcoming Day Camps

Early Dismissal Days
Oliver Parks and Recreation will be offering Early Dismissal programming at both OES and TEN. We will offer a variety of sporting activities such as group games, sports, crafts and outdoor play time! Our medical form is mandatory for attendance and can be filled out with the school secretary; registration is at your child’s school office.
Sept 26 | Oct 31 | Nov 28 | Jan 30 | Feb 27
April 24 | May 29

Tykes Day Camp
Crafts, snacks, songs and games! Pre-registration is required. Themes will be available in mid-June on www.oliverrecreation.ca
Meeting Room 1
3 – 5 years old
$50/week | *$40/4 day week
Week 1 M-F July 8-12
Week 2 M-F July 15-19
Week 3 M-F Aug 22-26
Week 4 M-F Aug 29-Aug 2
Week 5 *T-F Aug 5-9
Week 6 M-F Aug 12-16
Week 7 M-F Aug 19-23
9:00am – 12:00pm

Mini Iron Chef Camp
Let’s make it from scratch! Using local fresh ingredients, we will learn how to create an entire meal each day. A few recipes you may see include pizza, lasagna and sushi.
Community Hall Kitchen
6 – 12 years
Monday to Friday, July 15 – 19
12:30 – 3:30pm

Summer Science & Robotics Camp 1
Join us for a week of magic, science experiments and robotics! Kids will discover the art of magic and illusions, explore the wonderful world of science and dive into the basics of engineering using the WEDO 2.0 Kits. Participants will get to take home a cool science experiment and a magic trick every day as well! There will be breaks throughout the week for games.
Please note – July and August camps will both have different magic tricks, science experiments and robotic builds!
1/3 Hall
7 – 9 years
$170.00/per week | $136/4 day week
Monday to Friday, July 22 – 26
Tuesday to Friday, Aug 6 -9
9:00am – 4:00pm

Summer Science & Robotics Camp 2
Plunge into a thrilling educational experience with science experiments and robotics! Participants will explore the mysteries of science, and dive into the basics of engineering. This camp will utilize Lego’s EV3 Mindstorms Core and Extension kits. You and your partner will build Znap – a cute, moving, and grumpy monster. Keep your distance! Participants will get to take home a cool science experiment every day as well! There will be breaks throughout the week for games. Participants will need to bring snacks, lunch and water. July and August camps will have different science experiments.
1/3 Hall
10 – 14 years
$170.00/per week | $136/4 day week
Mon to Friday, July 22 – 26
Tuesday to Friday, Aug 6 – 9
9:00am – 4:00pm

Modding in Minecraft
Change the way you play and interact with the Minecraft world by learning how to build and program modifications! From summoning a dozen creepers at a time to building an entire house of wood blocks, there is unlimited potential to what you can do when it comes to creating mods!
1/3 Hall
8 – 11 years
$80 per week | $64/4 day week
Monday to Friday, July 22 – 26
Tuesday to Friday, August 6 – 9
4:30 – 6:30pm

Sun Fun Day Camps
Sun Fun is our local summer day camp for kids aged 5-12. Nine weeks of supervised activities such as sports, crafts, music, swimming, with a different theme each week! A great way to spend summer holidays, meet new friends and make some memories.
Pre-registration is required
Eastlink Curling Centre
5-12 years
*Child must have completed Kindergarten
$125/5 days or $30/day (Week 1 & 6 $100.00/4 days)
Monday to Friday, July 2 – August 31
*No Camp July 1 & August 5
8:00am -5:00pm

Week 1 – Tuesday to Friday, July 2-5
Week 2 – Monday to Friday, July 8-12
Week 3 – Monday to Friday, July 15-19
Week 4 – Monday to Friday, July 22-26
Week 5 – Monday to Friday, July 29-Aug 2
Week 6 – Tuesday to Friday, Aug 6-9
Week 7 – Monday to Friday, Aug 12-16
Week 8 – Monday to Friday, Aug 19-23
Week 9 – Monday to Friday, Aug 26-Aug 30