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Kendall-Leigh Beal

Kendall-Leigh Beal was born and raised in Prince Rupert BC. She has studied the martial art of Taekwondo since 1995 under the instruction of Master Paul Bozman of Prince Rupert Champion Taekwondo. She has studied and teaches under the guidelines of the World Taekwondo Federation, the globally recognized form for Taekwondo in the Olympic Games.

She  was put in Taekwondo when she was just 6 years old. Her parents thought that as a shy, uncoordinated child  it would help with her self-confidence and self esteem, with the added bonus of their young daughter learning self-defense early on.  She developed lifelong friendships  with her classmates, developed a healthy level of self-esteem and learned the value of good sportsmanship through attending tournaments, and  various summer martial arts  boot camps.  Her classmates and instructors became like a second family to her, and wouldn’t trade her experiences for the world.  She has taken the values placed on the life skills she has learned and loves that she gets to share them with her own students.

Beal received her black belt in May 2002, and is now recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation as a third degree black belt as of July 2013.  She has taught for many years and became a head instructor in 2005. Her students run from all ages, fitness levels and belt ranks.

Beal was thrilled when she had the opportunity to bring her beloved martial art to the South Okanagan area in 2012.  She welcomed the chance to introduce the children and adults of this community to Outlast Taekwondo.  It is very important to her that men and women in this area have the opportunity to learn practical, effective self-defense techniques while enjoying all the benefits of physical fitness that Taekwondo offers.  Her goal is to teach both the practical skills of self-defense, and the critical life skills of self-control and the respect for self and others.  Most importantly, she hopes to inspire confidence in the hearts of her students, and  provide  encouragement to reach their goals,  while giving them the skills to achieve excellence in every area of their lives.

Sanaz Busink – Yoga

Sanaz Busink was born and raised in India and was introduced to yoga and spirituality at a very young age.  Her unique teaching style consists of guided meditation, various breathing exercises, and gentle yoga movements as she shares Eastern philosophy, Indian mythology, poetry and stories from around the world.  Her gentle and kind voice is soothing to the ear and her compassionate and loving energy allows the student to feel at peace and safe during practice. Sanaz interweaves the insights and practices of spirituality to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

Caroline Whyte

I received my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and have been working with children of all ages and abilities since 2001.

Then in 2011, I acquired my Creating Landscapes Certificate from the University of Guelph.

My teaching style encourages open ended learning, self-expression, problem solving, team building, and using the outdoors as another classroom.

In my spare time I can be found photographing nature, gardening, hiking, fishing, baking up new recipes, and learning to knit!

I look forward to being involved with programs at Oliver Parks and Rec.

Tanja Kranz

Tanja Kranz has worked as a costume, fashion and wardrobe designer for over 15 years alongside working in the outdoor industry as a gear developer, ski patroller, first aid instructor and in sales.

She moved to Oliver in 2007 to become a Paramedic and Ski Patroller and is currently a volunteer member of Oliver Osoyoos Search and Rescue.

Since moving to Oliver she has developed a passion for being able to make things from scratch, everything from home-made soaps to soda pop. She enjoys having the skills to make things and loves to teach others.

She has been teaching Mini Chefs and Craft Corner throughout the last few months and looks forward to teaching a few week-long Day Camps this summer: Mini Chefs, Craft Corner and a new Sewing Camp, for those little future designers!

Jorg Mardian

jorgJorg Mardian is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Registered Nutritional Therapist, Certified Kinesiology Specialist, Certified Sports injury Specialist and Muay Thai Fitness Instructor. He has a combined 26 years of experience in competitive power lifting, martial arts, amateur wresting and boxing.

These specialties allow Jorg to design fitness classes and treatment protocols which correct muscle imbalances and muscle recruitment patterns to effectively regain motion and reduce pain levels. Jorg also undertakes one-on-one training with clients for fat loss, weight reduction, increased range of motion, strength and improved overall health.

Lori Ashe

loriLori moved to Oliver in 2011 from Victoria B.C. where she worked as a head trainer for twelve years, at one of Vancouver Island’s largest gyms. Lori is a proud mother of her two sons, Kody, 24, and Dylan, 26 and is happily married to Jeff Ashe, Owner of CANADAFIT.

Starting as a lifeguard at 14, she has been active in the fitness industry for over 30 years. Lori is a ‘registered certified BCRPA personal trainer’ and a ‘registered certified Zumba instructor.’ She also holds other certifications with BCRPA/YMCA/CFES pertaining to sports and nutrition, individual conditioning, weight training and core conditioning and fitness theory.

Lori’s clients have included people of all ages and fitness backgrounds. She looks forward to bringing some fun and productive classes to the Oliver Community and is very proud to have the opportunity to work with Oliver Parks and Recreation Society.

Mike Riplinger

Mike Riplinger has been living in Oliver since 1986. He is the owner / operator of Gallagher Lake Autobody and has two children. Mike has been training since 1989 and obtained his 1st degree Black Belt in 2000 in Kyokuki Karate. His other hobbies include drag racing, mountain biking and staying active by training in Kyokushin Karate and jogging. Mike can be contacted at 250-498-8883 for further information.