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Spring Summer 2016

Pool Rules and Regulations

All the rules and regulations are clearly posted at the pool in various locations. For everyone’s comfort and safety please obey all the rules at all times.


• children six (6) years and under and any child unable to competently swim one width of the pool MUST be within arm’s reach of a responsible guardian 16 years or older AT ALL TIMES

• shower before entering the pool

• public showers are available during public swim times only

• disposable diapers are not allowed in the pool without snug-fitting plastic pants worn over (available for sale at the pool office)

• patrons with infectious or contagious conditions such as pink-eye, chicken pox, etc. or open sores will not be allowed into the pool

• please listen to the direction of our lifeguards at all times for your own safety and for the safety of others. Those who do not will be asked to leave the pool area

Lightning Policy

Because of the unpredictable nature of lightning and its often disastrous consequences, the Oliver Community Pool will always adhere to the following safety guidelines as set out by the NATIONAL LIGHTNING SAFETY INSTITUTE.

1. When thunder is heard 30 seconds or less after a flash of lightning is observed, the pool will be cleared. Staff strongly recommends that all patrons remain inside the pool building until the storm subsides.

2. Pool activities shall remain suspended until 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard. There will be no exceptions. It should be noted that storms are erratic and even though it may appear ‘safe’ to resume activity, it is not.

3. Red Cross lessons are also subject to cancellation due to lightning. There will be no reimbursement or rescheduling of the classes that are cancelled.

Community Centre Weight Room

Weight Room User Consent Form

Try out our fully functional weight room that includes elliptical trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, universal gym, and a large variety of free weights.

Group/Corporate Membership Rates

Oliver Parks and Recreation believes that healthier workplaces are the most productive. It is also true that people who commit to exercise together and keep each other accountable are more motivated and successful in their fitness goals. A business or organization that purchase 3 or 6 month memberships for a minimum of six its employees will receive a 25% overall discount as well as a free group weight room orientation session. To register your workplace for a corporate membership rate please contact us at 250-498-4985.
18 years and up

Youth Weight Room Program

Learn to use the weight room in a safe and effective manner by attending a one-time, 60-minute orientation session with our staff. Sessions are offered Mon-Fri after 5:00pm. Please register in advance at the office or by calling us at 250-498-4985. An orientation must be completed in order to purchase a membership.
14 years and up

Fitness Room Orientations

New to the weight room or trying to get in to a more active lifestyle? Attend a one-time introduction to the weight room to get familiar with the cardio and weight equipment options and how to use them safely and effectively. Sessions are offered Mon-Fri after 5:00pm. Please register in advance at the office or by calling 250-498-4985. Participants must be 14 years or older and hold a current membership or pay a drop-in fee to attend.

Community Weight Room

As a member/user of this facility I agree to
comply with the following guidelines or risk the
suspension or termination of my membership
1. I will ensure that my membership is always in
good standing.
2. I will not use my key to allow entry to nonmembers
or open the door to allow entry for nonmembers.
3. I will respect the equipment in the weight room
by using equipment properly, putting things back
in their place, wiping down equipment after use
and informing staff or volunteers when something
is not working properly.
4. I will sign the daily waiver upon entry each time
I use the facility.
5. I will remove outside footwear and put on a pair
of clean shoes.
6. I will be respectful of staff, volunteers and other
weight room users.
7. I will dress appropriately for using a public
fitness facility.
8. I will respect the 20-minute time limit on cardio
machines during peak/busy times.
9. I will strive to always use the weight room space
and equipment in a safe, appropriate way that will
further my physical fitness.
10. I will strive to uphold the core values of Oliver
Parks & Recreation: Safety, Health, Commitment,
Accountability, Fun, Respect, & Service Excellence.