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Booking Information

Booking Procedures & Regulations

Need to book a facility? Check out our online forms page.

Booking your community centre can be a problem unless you are planning your wedding well in advance. The facility is very popular and it is not uncommon for the centre to be booked as far in advance as a full year. Saturday is the most popular day for weddings but Sunday is gaining in popularity, too. The courtyard area of the centre is also a special place for an outdoor reception. The gardens are well groomed, hanging baskets are filled with an assortment of colorful flowers. The atmosphere can be positively cozy particularly when the weather cooperates! Plan is easy, however. Everything can be moved inside the building!

What is the booking procedure for the Oliver Community Centre? Call the office at 250-498-4985 to check for availability first. A deposit and contract are required (you have 90 days prior to the event to cancel and have your deposit returned) and no bookings will be written on the calendar without them! You will find staff most accommodating and willing to assist you with the little details that may be forgotten in the excitement of the event.

Insurance & Regulations

There are a number of regulations in effect and most are designed to keep your community centre in excellent condition for the thousands of people who stream through its doors each year. Open flames are not permitted without explicit permission from the local fire chief. Candles on guest tables are discouraged so there is less of a temptation to light them. Wall hooks have been mounted around the entire perimeter of the hall so that streamers and other decorations can be attached. Tape, tacks and other fasteners are strictly prohibited because of the damage caused to gyproc walls. There is a marvelous product called “blue tack”™ that is highly recommended for placing decorations on the walls.

Renters are advised to prepare to have the hall cleaned prior to departure at 2:00 AM, the desired deadline. All tables and chairs must be returned to designated areas, the kitchen must be cleaned, floors swept and garbage bagged and placed in the bin provided outside the kitchen door. Sunday rentals are now as popular as Saturday rentals and it is no longer possible to return the next day to clean up. The key must be picked up during regular office hours and the Oliver Community Centre has a long standing courtesy of permitting decorating the evening prior to the reception if the hall is not already rented. If the hall is rented, the decorating would then be done the morning of the event. Because use of the hall has increased so dramatically over the years this courtesy can’t always be extended but staff do work with families to try to accommodate the needs of the bride and groom.

Liability insurance coverage for all users renting the Oliver Community Centre is mandatory. Proof of liability insurance coverage (minimum $2 Million dollars) must be provided!