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Special Olympics

Special Olympic programs provide sport training and competitive experiences year round for those with an intellectual disability. Those who coach these programs are not super athletes, they are simply caring people who decide to spend time helping others. It’s impossible to describe the absolute expression of joy and accomplishment on the face of an athlete who finally succeeds in scoring that goal or who gets a strike in bowling for teh first time. As one young athlete once said, “I can do what most people can do, it just takes me a little longer to learn how.” These accomplishments are only possible if there are volunteers willingly to work these athletes.

Summer Sports Winter Sports
Aquatics Alpine skiing
5 or 10 pin bowling Cross-country skiing
Powerlifting Curling
Rhythmic gymnastics Figure skating
Soccer Floor hockey
Softball Snowshoeing
Track and field Speed skating

For more information please contact one of the following:

Lee Chic Local Coordinator 250-495-6617
Wayne Sargent Head Coach 250-495-2977