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The Society

Oliver Parks and Recreation Society


The Oliver Parks and Recreation Society believes that recreation encompasses a broad spectrum of activities vital to the development of our community’s character, spirit and culture.

Society Goals

Development of a sense of Community & Development of the Individual. For the same reasons that public education is seen as a service essential to the social framework of society, so should the development of the individual be supported as a socially worthwhile goal. Because the individual’s identification with his/her community environment is important, efforts to foster growth of community character, spirit and culture should also be supported. Both goals exhibit benefit to all citizens of Oliver.

Oliver Parks and Recreation Society Board of Directors

Shiela Lange, Chair
Larry Clarke
Dennis Magoffin
Rick Knodel
Petra Veintimilla
Rachel Allenbrand
Helene Urcullu

Society Meeting Dates

Society meetings are held the third Monday of each month,
at 6 p.m. at Oliver Community Centre Room #1.